Summary: All leaders must overcome challenges to grow. Here are five common challenges you’ll face as a UXR leader — and how you can conquer them.

As a leader, you’ll encounter many professional obstacles throughout your career. Navigating these obstacles is part of the growth process, making you a better leader with each experience.

During my career as a UXR leader, I’ve faced a few challenges and have learned, over time, how to conquer them. Now, I’m going to share with you those challenges and strategies to overcome them.

1. Sharing with other leaders

Usually leading a specialist team means you are likely the head…

Summary: Perhaps the UXR industry has vague career progression paths, but there is room to leverage the value we bring. Here are three career best practices for UXR leaders to help their teams thrive.

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As a leader in the user experience research (UXR) space, I’ve been fortunate enough to manage large UXR teams. I’ve had the opportunity to train and mentor many “newbies” and junior researchers, and throughout my career, I’ve discovered a few tips that have helped me manage these teams.

If you’re a current or rising senior UXR leader, here are some strategies I’ve used throughout my leadership…

Summary: Despite the concern that career progression is limited for UXR professionals, there are countless opportunities to grow in the industry. Here’s what user experience researchers should know about their potential paths toward leadership.

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I’m slightly addicted to converting people into becoming user experience researchers. For anyone who absolutely loves researching, being a UXR means getting paid to do what you love. What could be sweeter?

But as our profession continues to grow in numbers, I can’t help but think of what comes next for many of the people I encouraged on this UXR journey?

Summary: Here’s how user experience research can impact your team and how a UX researcher can be your next great leader.

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As someone who’s worked in the UX field for over 20 years, I’ve seen the tremendous impact user experience research (UXR) has had on the digital space and the overall transformation of technology and enterprise solutions.

UXR is when a company studies and gains insights about the impact of design on their audience. That audience can be both external (customers, citizens, patients, clients) as well as internal (employees, operational staff, field teams).

Understanding the needs of your audiences can…

In mid November 2020, I gave a talk at the UX Live 2020 conference with a very simple title: Research Can Lead.

I like to think my talk was really a call to action.

Here I do my best to provide a transcript and summarise the talk, but you can also watch it if you prefer:

During my talk, I asked the audience to join me in an interactive discussion about UX and user research (UXR) and career progression in the role. Frankly, this is a topic on many minds in UXR, regardless of level in our career.

I’ve held…

Andrea Lewis

UX research brain with a user-centred view of digital, design, and product development.

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